Friday, July 12, 2013


a woman and her daughter were sharing a small bathroom stall in the public restroom in the grocery store.
i was in the larger one next to them.

the little girl said "mommy, when i touch buddy's tummy i can feel her claws."

the mother responded, "are her claws out when you touch her tummy?"

"no," said the girl.

the mother, confused, suggested, "those are just her nipples."

the little girl, frustrated, insisted "no...", and the mother said "do you mean that while you touch her tummy you also touch her paws?"

"YES," the little girl said, so relieved to be understood finally, so unaware that a stranger was six feet away, enjoying her frustration while relating thoroughly.

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  1. hey, i've been following you on twitter for a while, sympathizing with what you're going through, also enjoying your poems - been wanting to kind of reach out and start a conversation at some point but keep not doing it? because i guess it feels kind of intrusive. also, i don't really have a clear-cut reason: i'm a wannabe writer/poet who lost someone really close to suicide a few months ago, & i guess just it resonated reading tweets from a creative person doing their best in a grim situation. boils down to is that the most meaningful thing for me is talking to other people/getting to know other people, & you seem like somebody who would have interesting and insightful stuff to talk about.

    so, insanity and creepiness probably well established, way-too-long ramble over. let me know if you'd be up to talk about whatever.