Thursday, September 23, 2010


" 25 – 30% of the average adult life is spent with television

20% of your life is spent at work or school

30% of your life is spent asleep


…which leaves: 20 – 25% of your time for YOU, for the other activities that matter to you… "


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaat???????????? i want more writing!!!! this isn't enough!!!!!!! i want to spend my twenty percent reading this blog; how am i supposed to do that with these short posts???? when's number 5? it better be soon..............if you aren't going to spend your time away writing in your blog, you need to come back here and go to applebee's w/ me.

  2. hey anonymous,
    number five is going up late tonight. but i'd rather be at applebee's w/ you :(